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Sculpture inspired by the warrior within


I focus on sculpting anything I can out of whatever is available to me.  I really enjoy using clay and creating my castings from that.  I am also skilled in creating sculpture with Fiberglass, Bondo, Copper, Silver, Gold, Steel, and many others.  

Most of the work you will see  I classify as my Norse Sculpture or Metal sculpture given that I am trained as a bench jeweler and have a great appreciation of Norse style art specifically Jelling and Urnes styles.

If it can be Carved, Molded, or Shaped....

Every project starts with study.  Research into styles, meaning and symbolism.  I do not make anything so vague that it cannot be interpreted by the everyday person.  My art gets labeled as not being high enough for fine art status but I do not make for just anyone.  I make what I like and things that are interesting to me.  It's great if others enjoy my style and enjoy what I create, and doesn't bother me if others do not.

Themes and Intersets

My art is created and inspired by my time in the military, my study of ancient Norse culture and the Vikings, as well as my time spent in the motorcycle community in Arizona.  Usually designs just come to me and i have written more than I could ever hope to make down in a book. I do no plan on stopping anytime soon or ever.